The Flagship can be upgraded by adding a new module at a friendly Starbase. Modules cost an amount of resource units based on their type and take one (1) day each to build and install.

While at a friendly Starbase; the Flagship can also refuel, repair any hull damage it has taken, recruit new Crew, and build ships for an escort fleet.

The designs for new module types can be discovered via alliances with alien species and by bartering with certain interstellar merchants.

Personal Items may also be purchased at a friendly Starbase.

1 Fuel 20 ru - 10 light years
Train Officer 100 ru 1 day -
Recruit Yeomen 0 ru - -
Fix Hull Damage 10 ru per HP - -
Upgrade Fuel Capacity 1000 ru 1 day +100 fuel capacity
Cargo Bay 1000 ru 1 day holds 48 megatons of minerals
Helm 2000 ru 1 day needed for starship movement
Life Support 2000 ru 1 day supports 4 Crew
Science Bay 2000 ru 1 day needed for Shields and tactical scans
Hyperdrive 2000 ru 1 day needed for interstellar travel
Missile Bay 4000 ru 1 day shoots boarding or explosive projectiles
Engine 4000 ru 1 day generates Power
Cannon 4000 ru 1 day shoots enemy starships; Blast, Laser, Multi

Ships destroyed in combat can be scrapped for 1 megaton of Base Metal per Size category.


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