Planetary Exploration

The Planet Lander can dispatched to a planet at the cost of 2 fuel and 1/2 day to harvest minerals and collect valuable data on dangerous lifeforms in an action known as Planetary Exploration.

One Officer is selected to make skill checks and use Luck during this exploration. That Officer must make successful skill checks to overcome the inherent dangers of the planet. Each failed skill check deals 1 damage to the planet lander. When the planet lander has taken 3 damage, it immediately returns to the Flagship and is repaired. If all significant Hazards on a planet’s surface have been defeated, the planet’s minerals and biological data are extracted.

Planetary Exploration skill checks can be further modified by special racial abilities. See Planet Lander Modifiers.

Hazard: Temperature/Heat
You must think quickly to keep the Planet Lander’s shields energized and ablate the scorching heat of the planet.
Check: Engineering DC (7 + Heat)

Hazard: Tectonics
Earthquakes break apart the surface of this world in a constantly grinding cycle. Use your scientific reasoning to accurately predict where the next epicenter will occur so that you can avoid it.
Check: Science DC (7 + Tectonics)

Hazard: Weather
Lightning storms (or other dangerous meteorological phenomena) swarm the surface of this planet. You must skillfully navigate the Planet Lander around them.
Check: Piloting DC (7 + Weather)

Dangerous Lifeform
A hideous beast emerges from hiding to attack the Planet Lander! You must use your limited weapons to attempt to subdue the creature.
Check: Combat DC (7 + # Lifeforms)
Effect: If all Hazards have been overcome, gain a number of Melnorme Credits for each Dangerous Lifeform as indicated by the Planet Scan.

You have come across one of the planet’s limited reserves of concentrated, easily harvested and extremely valuable minerals.
Effect: If all Hazards have been overcome, gain a number of megatons of the planet’s primary mineral type as indicated by the Planet Scan, placing them in empty slots of the Cargo Bay.

Planetary Exploration

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