Planet Lander

The Tactical Officer controls Planet Landers. After a scan, he chooses the hex to land in. Each turn, he or she either shoots and moves up to 3 hexes; or simply scans a token within 2 squares.

A scanned token is revealed with no other effect.
A shot token is revealed. A shot mineral is destroyed. A shot lifeform yields credits based on its type.

A lander moving into a token’s hex reveals the token. If the token was a mineral, the mineral is harvested and noted in the Cargo Manifest. Otherwise, the Planet Lander takes 1 damage.

If a Planet Lander takes 3 damage, it immediately returns to the Flagship and must be repaired (10 ru/HP).

At the end of the round, every unrevealed token moves 2 hexes in a random direction (all the same direction) and revealed lifeforms move 2 hexes towards the Planet Lander.
Each landing costs 2 fuel and 1 day. A Planet Lander can hold as much cargo as a planet has to offer.

Planet Lander

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