Known Alien Races

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Homeworld: Sol
That’s you!

Homeworld: Eta Vulpecula
The Androsynth are hyper-intelligent Homosapien clones. Genetically engineered for intellectual superiority, they were denied equal rights on Earth and forced into a life of servitude. As a result, they grew to harbour deep hatred for their masters. The Androsynth went renegade, escaping Earth in one large movement, having secretly invented hyperspace travel. The race found a new home in the Vulpecula constellation and allied with the Ur-Quan in their Hierarchy of Battle Thralls, hoping to defeat their old oppressors.

Homeworld: ???
The Arilou are aligned with the Alliance of Free Stars and were the first species to contact Humanity. They resemble the little green men of popular science fiction, and their ships also resemble stereotypical flying saucers. The Arilou live “outside” the galaxy, out of normal space and hyperspace. Well versed in information gathering and intergalactic or interdimensional travel, they know many races and beings that Earthlings do not. The Arilou would rather keep it that way. They claim that things exist that the mere knowledge of which is dangerous. This species reluctantly entered the Alliance of Free Stars, and opted to take on a more defensive and support role.

Homeworld: Procyon
The Chenjesu are a crystalline silicon race of aliens who interact with their ships using electrical “fingers” that resemble minute lightning bolts. They naturally evolved intelligence, and since they have no natural predators, they are entirely non-aggressive. Their most preferred activity is calm philosophical discourse. The Mmrnmhrm and Chenjesu formed the front lines of the war against the Ur-Quan.

Homeworld: ???
The Ilwrath resemble large red spiders with four compound eyes on top of their head, large mandibles where eyes would usually be in humanoids, and below that a mouth. Their mandibles allow them to eat, communicate, and have uses as weapons. Their appendages will regenerate if lost or damaged, often a result of their many rituals of pain. When talking, they sound bloodthirsty and sometimes draw words out, and sometimes inhale when talking about their religious tortures with fondness. The Ilwrath consider themselves evil, believing their gods would never reward a species that was not evil with their baleful grace. The Ilwrath gladly serve the Ur-Quan, as this presents them with the greatest opportunities for murder.

Homeworld: ???
Intergalactic information brokers.

Homeworld: Gamme Cygnus
The Mmrnmhrm are a sentient robotic race of unknown origin. They resemble a series of metal discs with a sensor in the top disc, acting as “eyes” to the Mmrnmhrm. They have no reproductive organs and cannot build more of their kind, so their number is finite and declining as the Mother Ark that produces them falters. The Mmrnmhrm and Chenjesu formed the front lines of the war against the Ur-Quan.

Homeworld: ???
The Mycon resemble fungi ranging from 2 to 10 feet tall that thrive in hostile, volcanic environments created for themselves by implanting “Deep Children” (living terraforming devices) under the crust of a blue, life-bearing planet. The outcome is known as a “Shattered World” with significant crust destabilization and rivers of magma on the surface. Amphibole structures allow them to withstand such extreme environments. The Mycon are generally unintelligible, but serve under the whips of their Ur-Quan masters.

Homeworld: Delta Gorno
The Shofixti are a marsupial-like species that were technologically uplifted by the Yehat. Their culture has a code of honor similar to Bushido, and their spacecraft are equipped with a powerful self-destruct bomb called a “Glory Device” that makes their otherwise weak Scout a dangerous kamikaze weapon. With the Yehat, they joined the Alliance of Free Stars against the Hierarchy of Battle Thralls.

Homeworld: ???
Spathi resemble shellfish with large familial units, often numbering in the tens of thousands, with one female parent. They receive only a small amount of attention from their parent, and it is rare to be referred to directly by name. This is typical of animals with a high rate of predation, which may explain their fear-based culture. Spathi will fight if they cannot run away or if their allies are scarier than their enemies. The Spathi reluctantly fight for the Ur-Quan Heirarchy for reasons that have never quite been understood.

Homeworld: None.
Psireen look like blue-skinned humanoids with slightly luminescent eyes and psychic abilities. The lush world of Syra, their original Homeworld, hosted a peaceful utopia until a stray asteroid smashed into the world and penetrated into the mantle. A year later, a series of supervolcanoes and fissures erupted planetwide, incinerated Syra’s continents, poisoned its atmosphere, and shattered the crust. The only survivors were those off-planet in starships, leaving the race with under 10,000 members. Several decades later, the fleet found the formative Alliance-Hierarchy War and joined out of necessity, being unable to defend itself.

Homeworld: ???
The Umgah are large, pink or lilac-colored blobs, with several mouths, eyes, and tentacles at seemingly random positions in their bodies. All Umgah are born with agoraphobia, and prefer biotic environments in their ships. They are immensely skilled at bioengineering and often add or remove limbs and organs from themselves for fun. They have been conquered by the Ur-Quan and fight as Battle Thralls.

Homeworld: ???
The Ur-Quan are fiercely territorial, large, centipede-like sentient creatures who evolved from solitary hunters on their harsh home planet. Very little else is known about this species due to their unwillingness to converse with “inferior” lifeforms.

Homeworld: ???
The VUX are green, tentacled creatures with a long snout and one visible eye. They are noted for their fiendishly extreme dislike of humans, and will be more than happy to engage in combat whenever the revolting visage of a human appears on their communication screens. The first encounter between humans and VUX was between Captain Rand and an unknown VUX captain. Upon seeing the new alien species for the first time, Rand burst out with the first thing that came to mind, which happened to be an insult. Rand was unaware that the VUX translating technology was so far advanced that his words were relayed to the VUX captain perfectly. This botched first encounter between the two races soured relations long enough for the Ur-Quan to subjugate the VUX.

Homeworld: Gamma Serpentis
The Yehat are fearsome and honorable pterodactyl-like creatures who were allied with the Alliance of Free Stars. Yehat life is governed by one Queen, who rules over the various Yehat clans. Historically, this has been one from the Veep-Neep Clan. The Yehat are the backbone of the Alliance Starfleet, due to their advanced weapons technology and their intensely martial society. They have a deep fondness and respect for the Shofixti.

Known Alien Races

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