There are two types of Crew aboard ship: Officers and Yeomen (aka red shirts).

Yeomen are plentiful and can be easily recruited at a friendly starbase. Each Life Support module on a starship can support up to 4 Yeomen. Yeomen have a 2 in every ability score. Yeomen do not have any Luck or Special Abilities, but do have a Profession reroll and an Alien Ability. Players can control any number of Yeomen.

Officers are highly trained crew and are a valuable commodity, costing 100 resource units to train. Each player must control one Officer, and no player can control more than one Officer. Officers are able to have higher ability scores, use Luck, and have Special Abilities based on the Flagship’s rank and prestige. No matter how many officers are in the fleet or where they are assigned, only one Life Support module is required to support the Officers. Officers have varied ability scores based on the amount of experience points all Officers have accrued.

Officers are also very Lucky. Each Officer has a number of Luck equal to 5 + Rank. Luck can be spent to reroll any single die roll that either the Officer just made or that directly affects the Officer. Luck is refreshed while visiting a friendly starbase.

All crew start out in the game as Humans. As new alliances are formed with alien species, new crew may be recruited from those allied alien species.


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