Campaign Background

Your crew flies around the galaxy, mining planetary minerals, discovering strange anomalies, making alliances with alien races, enhancing your battle cruiser with new armaments, and building a fleet of vessels to destroy the Ur-Quan Hierarchy.


In the year 2087, you and your crew were sent off to the distant Vela Star System on a cryogenic sleeper vessel. After years of slow travel, you arrived at your destination to explore the strange metallic structures that were detected on the planet’s surface. Hard work and some brilliant thinking allowed you to restore the buildings into working order. The machinery there formed a giant factory, many millennia old, built by some alien race now long gone. Your team was able to scour the planet and find enough raw material to make the factory operational. After weeks of construction, the ancient structure produced a space-faring vessel equipped with advanced drilling and mineral processing machinery of unfathomable design.

While this magnificent starship was being built, word from home reached your scientific colony. In your years spent sleeping in cryo-stasis, Humanity had leapt onto the intergalactic stage. Not long after you left Earth, Mankind was contacted by an intelligent alien race, the Ariloulaleelay, resulting in an explosion of technological advances. Soon, however, the people of Earth found themselves in grave danger from an encroaching aggressor race of insectoid creatures known as the Ur-Quan. Their militant intergalactic empire invaded the star systems of Earth and its neighboring allies. The ensuing war lasted many years, with stunning victories on both sides as the Alliance of Free Stars stood fast against the death march of the Ur-Quan Hierarchy. You fear that Humanity has been defeated, as hyperspace communications from Earth have ceased.

Armed with your new alien starship, you have vowed to travel back to Earth, save any remnants of Mankind that still exist, and take your revenge on the Ur-Quan and their subjugate battle thralls!

Campaign Background

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