Snake Bliskin

Marine. Space Lightning's Weapons Officer.


Human, Marine

AC (a.k.a. Target #) 8 :: HP 8

Athletics 3, Combat 3, Piloting 1, Engineering 0, Science 0

Knife = 1d6 dmg

Blaster Gun = 2d6 – 2 dmg.


Snake was born into a life of crime and poverty. He grew up on the mean streets of future detroit, eventually getting arrested for various counts of larceny and assault. He was shipped to the prison colony of Australia. There, he became a contestant on the televised program “Prison Wars”. This show allowed prison inmates to fight to the death through a gauntlet of traps and hazards. The one to survive a grueling 2 full show seasons (spanning 4 years) is allowed to fight “The Warden” a 9 foot tall, robotic assailant. If the inmate wins, his freedom is granted. Snake was the first ever inmate to win against The Warden, by stuffing improvised explosives into it’s chest cavity during a brutal hand to hand combat session.

The creators of the program, not intending an inmate to ever win, did not know what to do with Snake after his victory. He was sent to a specialized facility under the guise of “reintegrating” him into society. Instead, he was cryogenically frozen and placed aboard a space exploration vessel with falsified documents labeling him as a Sergeant First Class for the US Military Forces.

Having no family, and with anyone he would have held a grudge against long since dead after his cryostasis, Snake has taken to his army office roll on the ship “Space Lightning”. Fighting is what he’s good at, anyway, so he doesn’t argue the point.

Snake Bliskin

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