Dr. Hibbert Moreau

Chief Medical Officer of the Space Lightning


Human, Scientist

Target#: 8, HP: 6

Athletics: 1
Combat: 1
Engineering: 2
Piloting: 1
Science: 3

Possessions: Medkit


Dr. Hibbert Moreau is a master of all things related to human biology, and at one point was considered the world’s most respected physician. In his life, his greatest breakthrough was the creation of a technique he called, “Genetic Surgery.” Through means unknown, Dr. Moreau discovered a way to unlock and actively alter the human genome and effectively rebuild a patient at the cellular level. His breakthroughs lead to the eradication of all genetic diseases and he was lauded as the greatest medical doctor of all time.
Moreau was not satisfied with merely fixing the existing blue print for human life however. With his technique, he saw the potential to pre-empt the next evolutionary leap for man kind. At first, he had the full support of Earth’s medical institutions to conduct his experiments. After all, who were they to deny the man who cured cancer? So volunteers were gathered, and Moreau conducted experiment after painful experiment. Yet for all of his genius, the secrets of evolution eluded the him, and as the hideously distorted cadavers began to pile up, even the great doctor began to lose credibility. In the end, Dr. Moreau was told, in no uncertain terms, that it was time to retire or face trial for crimes against humanity. Disheartened at the turn events, Dr. Moreau quit his medical practice and purchased an island with his vast wealth. His desire to improve upon the works of nature still burned strong though, and he continued his experiments on the native fauna of his personal island.
Several years later, officials from the World Government arrived at the Island of Dr. Moreau under heavy escort. They brought with them the remains of an alien creature, and asked the vaunted biologist to unlock it’s secrets. What Moreau discovered through that autopsy would lead to the formation of an expedition the likes humankind had never seen before, an expedition past the limits of the Solar System. Such a great endeavor called for the very best humanity had to offer, so of course Dr. Moreau was nominated to see to the crew’s medical needs…
Much later when it was learned that Humanity was subjugated by an alien race, Moreau was heard to comment, “This never would have happened if mankind evolved to shoot lasers from their eyes.”

DM’s Note: _Is Dr. Morau at all involved in the creation of the Androsynth?
Even if Moreau didn’t have a direct hand in their creation, it’s likely his research was used to create them. Still, with out the ability to shoot laser’s from their eyes, he would consider them a failure.

Dr. Hibbert Moreau

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