Star Control


Session #1
Stardate: February 17, 2155


Upon entering the Sol system, the crew quickly charted a course back to Earth. Upon reaching their home world, they were more than a little shocked to discover that it had been encompassed in a glowing red field of energy. A lone star base hung orbit and began hailing the Space Lightning. Captain Rip chose to reply, and we learned the general situation of current events. The War was over and apparently we didn’t do so well. The glowing shield was a ‘Slave Shield’ designed to keep races subjugated by the Ur-Quan in line and this Outpost was a veritable nest of stool pigeons. Still, the situation on board the outpost was dire. They were waiting of an Ur-Quan re-supply vessel to provide them with the fuel needed to maintain life support, and the official couriers were about 3 years late. A number of options were discussed, some more confrontational than others, but ultimately it was decided that we would pretend to be the re-supply ship and harvest the necessary fuel from the nearby (well, nearby on a cosmic scale) moon of Io. After raping Io, we then decided to go for Pluto for the heck of it. After mining the rogue planetoid clean of it’s exotic thought crystals, the away party came under attack by an automated defense cannon of unknown origin. Fortunately, it was just the one cannon and it was smashed with ease. A more in depth look of Pluto was carried out and an alien base was discovered on it’s surface. We were immediately hailed upon discovered the base and had our first encounter with the species known as the Spathi. It was soon decided that the creature wouldn’t be worth the missile required to kill it, and diplomatic relations ensued. During the discourse, it was revealed that the creature was the last of it’s kind in the system, and that they were a Thrall Race of the Ur-Quan, albeit a cowardly one. We bullied the design of a star ship from the creature, and traveled back to Earth and transferred the fuel to it’s grateful crew. As the star base powered up and their systems were restored, they finally able to see that we were not in fact sentient centipedes, but humans just like them. After the initial shock and the standard threats to kill them if they snitch, peaceful negotiations were established. From the star base we obtained fuel and resources, as well as the designs for the human star cruiser. While the cruiser was indeed a deathtrap, it was a deathtrap with a hyper drive and so it was a welcome addition to our growing database of deathtraps. They also informed us that an Il-wrath patrol vessel was on it’s way, and we got the impression that we probably didn’t want to be around when that happened. So after topping off on fuel, we bid the remainder of the Human race adios, and high tailed it to a more profitable star system. The more profitable planets were raped, and another jump was made. This time we were hailed by yet another alien race, the Melnorme. After establishing that we couldn’t kill it with our current fire power, we decided to deal with it and it turned out to be the better alternative (who knew?). After establishing another outlet to purchase dubious information from, we proceeded to rape the most appealing planets and head home to relieve ourselves of our cargo. Upon re-entering the Sol system and returning to Earth, we were greeted by the site of an alien vessel parked along side the Earth star base. It quickly disengaged the starship to intercept us. It sent us a hail, and revealed itself to be the ugliest alien we have seen to date, and as such doomed itself to death at our hands. Now we can stand to ally ourselves with some really messed up shit, but creepy spider aliens is where we draw the line.


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